Why does anyone do anything?

This concept has confused me for years, ever since I was cognizant enough to understand the world around me.

Sure there are things put in place to get people to do things such as laws, rules, expectations, responsibilities, the fear of disappointing everyone you’ve ever met…but I digress. Even though all of these things are in place, why hasn’t society just said, “fuck it.”

I have the urge to do that every single day. But herein lies the big question, “Why not?” Why not become a nudist and live off of berries in the mountains? Why not adopt a shelter full of cats, teach them tricks, and live off of their profits? Because of laws, rules, expectations, and responsibilities.

It’s a vicious and endless cycle that keeps us from doing what we deeply desire to do. I say we start doing whatever the hell we want, consequences be damned. Steal a traffic cone from the street. (I have done this) Drop out of school and backpack across Europe. Take down the patriarchy. (currently trying to do this) Kiss your crush. Tell off your parents. 

Take this as you will,

All the Best

*Please note that this is not in ANY way advising the reader to do anything harmful to themselves or others. Please don’t kill anyone and say I told you to, I can’t mentally or emotionally handle that right now.*

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