Freshman Feels?

Okay so, I’m moving out of my freshman dorm tomorrow.

The tidal wave of emotions I’ve been expecting to feel haven’t crashed down on me yet and I don’t know why. The only explanation I can come up with is that it doesn’t feel real. The only issue with this theory is that three of my close friends have already left, including my roommate. Most of my stuff is already home (shout out Father Thomas), so my room has pretty much been empty for a good five days. I am quite excited to go home and to not have any responsibilities for a while. I miss my cats and my dogs so fucking much. But I think I’m most excited to not have any schoolwork to do.

I’m just so tired mentally and emotionally from this past school year with it being my first year of school on top of having to deal with covid. I am fortunate enough to be fully vaccinated and that will make this summer a lot better than last year. I’m excited to see my one friend I still have from high school, we will be doing everything together whether she likes it or not (sorry not sorry Meg). I started writing this as a way to work out the complex and tangled web of thought in my brain that I’ve been meandering through for a while but it just isn’t ready to be cleared out yet. 

Oh well,

All the Best

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